Friday, February 17, 2006


Governor Mimura and Mayor Furukawa met power company CEOs

On February 17, the governor Mimura and Rokkasho village mayor Furukawa met with CEOs of nuclear power plant operators to confirm if they would certainly consume plutonium and uranium to be separated from spent nuclear fuels at Rokkasho plant. The president of electric power industry (FEPC) and CEO of Tokyo Electric Power co. Mr. Katsumata told at the meeting in Tokyo that the industry will promote the "pul-thermal" program (the use of plutonium-mixed fuels at thermal neutron reactors).
The governor and the mayor then visited the government's Nuclear Energy Commissoiner Dr. Kondo, and the head of Energy Directorate of METI Mr. Kodaira to confirm the decision of the transparent use of plutonium and to ask for the support by the national government.
In the afternoon, the governor got back to Aomori and attended at his advisory group of nulear policy. Officers of JNFL, FEPC, METI and Nuclear Energy Commission secretairat explained the advisory group about the active testing - as they did for the prefectural assembly yesterday. The group will gather again on February 24 to discuss about the test.

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