Sunday, March 05, 2006


Governor Mimura heard pro- and anti-nuclear opinions

On February 4, the governor Mimura heard opinions from pro- and anti-nuclear group leaders and from academia. The meeting was held at a hotel in Aomori-city in Saturday morning. It was opened to the public, and around 100 audience heard the speeches by 24 leaders and researchers.

Pro-nuclear leaders like a board member of prefectural chamber of commerce told they understood the necessity of nuclear power development for resource poor Japan, and would support the reprocessing plant entering into the active testing while requesting JNFL to secure safety.

Then eight anti-nuke group leaders including Ryoichi Hirano, a president of Action Committee Against Unloading Nuclear Waste and Fuels, expressed they stood against to the use of nuclear
energy, reprocessing spent fuels, use of plutonium for electricity, discharge of low-level liquid and gas wastes, the government's plan of high-level wastes disposal, and so on.

Anong academia researchers, one radiology physician recommended the governor to postpone the decision to allow JNFL to enter into the active testing citing that wind mill generation can
replace nuclear power generation. Another speaker emphasised he wanted sooner commercial operation of the reprocessing plant. The other four researchers just expressed the necessity of safe operation.
At the end of the meeting, the governor Mimura said he would refer to the opinions and would carefully consider whether or not to give consent to JNFL's active testing plan.

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