Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Governor Mimura OKs active testing

Aomori prefecture governor Shingo Mimura announced at a press conference March 28 that he would give JNFL a consent to start "active testing", the plant tests reprocessing real spent fuels. The governor said he made the decision by considering the opinions from the prefectural assembly members, central government ministers' support, recommendations from his advisory bodies, comments of pro- and anti-nuclear group leaders, and discussions with JNFL president Mr. Kojima.
Mimura, Rokkasho Village Mayor Mr. Furukawa and Mr. Kojima will sign Wednesday on the environmental protection agreements. JNFL will start the tests on Saturday at earliest.
The nuclear safety regulator NISA of the Ministry of Economy, had already approved the JNFL's testing plan on March 27.

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