Sunday, March 26, 2006


Governor Mimura to meet Ministers

Aomori prefectural government offerred March 24 the central government to hold a meeting with relating ministers on March 27 to confirm their support to the governor's policy. Governor Mimura requested the following ministers and the President of FEPC Mr. Tsunehisa KATSUMATA (President, CEO of Tokyo Electric Power) to attend.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Mr. Shinzo ABE,
Ecnomy Minister Mr. Toshihiro NIKAI,
Science Minister Mr. Kenji KOSAKA,
Minister of State for Science and Technology Policy Mr. Iwao MATSUDA,
Atonmic Energy Commissioner Dr. Shunsuke KONDO,

The Governor has already got supports from the prefectural assembly to sign with Rokkasho Mayor and JNFL on environmental protection agreement. By confirming the central government's standoints including the promotion of nuclear fuels cycle, radioactive vitrified wastes disposal, and peaceful and transparent utilisation of plutonium, Mimura will give JNFL concent to go onto active testing at Rokkasho reprocessing plant.

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