Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Minister Nikai visited Rokkasho reprocessing plant

Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry, Toshihiro NIKAI visited on March 21 the reprocessing plant for the first time, to see the plant's readiness for the active testing and check the safety measures. After the two-hour-long tour at the facility, guided by JNFL president Mr. Kojima, Mr. Nikai told the reporters that he realised the series of efforts that had been done by the prefectural and municipal governments, JNFL, and JNFL's contractors in order to achieve high standard of plant performance. Noting that Japanese economy is highly depending on energy sources from overseas (96%), the Minister expressed his respects to all the local stakeholders who contributed to the most fundamental national energy policy, i.e. building nuclear fuel cycle inside the country.
Before the site tour, Minister Nikai met the governor Mimura and the village mayor Furukawa at the headquarter building of the JNFL Rokkasho site.

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