Sunday, March 19, 2006


Wastes and spent fuels arrive, the process still underway

JNFL announced that its Rokkasho disposal site recieved 1,080 drums of low-level radioactive wastes from Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station on Saturday March 18. JNFL also announced its spent fuel storage facility, neighbouring to the reprocessing plant recieved spent fuels from four nuclear power stations Thursday March 16. The spent fuels were from Mihama Nuclear Power Station (30 PWR fuels), Oh-i NPS (70 PWRs), Shimane NPS (88 BWRs), and from Genkai NPS (70 PWRs). Including these, the total amount of SFs being stored in the storage pool is 1,729 tons-U (pre-burn).
Governor Mimura's consent process to the commencement of the active testing is still underway. The prefectural government held an additional public meeting on March 9 in the city of Aomori (capital of the prefecture), and requested each faction at the prefectural assembly to express its standpoint to the active testing by March 20. After collecting opinions from the assembly, the Governor will seek a chance to meet ministers of central government, and then will express his decision on the active testing.

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