Monday, April 10, 2006


Interview on IAEA inspector at Rokkasho

An interview on Sherly Johnson of IAEA headquarter by the Japanese public TV channel NHK was on the air on April 7. The TV reported that the IAEA inspection team was in Rokkasho plant to check the transparency of the reprocessing process. Ms. Johnson's response broadcasted in the evening of April 7 was the following.
"This is the largest nuclear facility that we have ever implemented safeguards in a non-nuclear weapons country. So that really has quite a challenge with that. For many years we have been focussing on how to implement it here what would be required. We have been working with Japanese government and with JNFL. So I think it shows how important this facility has been to the IAEA. And over that time, we have developed a very good and solid safeguard approach and this is the time when we get started, and it is exiting time for us also."

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