Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Two PWR fuels have been shredded

JNFL started the first step of reprocessing plant test (active testing) on Friday, March 31. The company showed the operation room and a part of its plant to the press. The newspapers and TVs reported the news widely on April 1 in Japan, saying the commencement of the real spent fuels reprocessing is the key process for the recycle of nuclear fuels. Newspapers also tells the negative aspects, including the plant operation brings the emission of gas and liquid radioactive wastes into the atmosphere and to the sea, and Japan has to keep its nuclear energy policy transparent to the international society to minimise the concern on nuclear proliferation. The future owners of extracted Pu and U mixed oxides, who are Japanese power compnanies operating nuclear power plants, show commitments that they will use Pu-U MOX exclusively for peaceful purposes to generate energy in light water reactors in Japan. (Some amount of Pu may be used in Fast Breeder Reactor in Japan.)
As of April 4, 16:20 JST, JNFL finished shredding two PWR spent fuels, according to the JNFL's website.

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