Friday, May 19, 2006


Reduction agent leakage was found in the refining building

JNFL announced May 18 that small amount of leakage of reduction agent liquid
was found in its refining building of the spent-fuel reprocessing plant. The
amount was seven litres and had slight level of radioactive materials. The
leakege was stopped and was about to be recovered properly at the time of
the announcement. No environmental impacts nor occupatioal dose was

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


More fuels shredded

JNFL announced it had additionally shredded six spent fuels by May 14 evening, eight by May 15 and four by May 16. In total, 36 nuclear fuels burnt in pressurised light-water reactors have been shredded and dissolved since the active testing of the plant started on March 31.


Low-level wastes will arrive May 29-30

JNFL announced May 12 that its low-level waste disposal division in Rokkasho-mura village would recieve low-level radioactive wastes sealed in 1,240 drums and shipped from Kansai EPCo's Mihama nuclear power station on May 29 and 30.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


High court ruled Rokkasho uranium enrichment plant is safe to operate

The Sendai High Court on May 8th rejected requests by a group of citizens, noting the government's safety examination was "legitimate" and "flawless."The group has argued that government permits to the operation of the Rokkasho uranium enrichment plant should be revoked because the facility was vulnerable to quakes, plane crashes, and they would lead to a severe nuclear accidents.
The the enrichment plant started operation in 1992, the group filed the suit to the Aomori District Court in 1989 against the government permission issued in the previous year.
The uranium enrichment plant currently has the operating capacity of 450 tons SWU.


Another ten fuels reprocessed

JNFL announced it shredded and dissolved another ten nuclear fuels by May
7th. The total amount of spent nuclear fuels shredded at the reprocessing
plant became 18 PWR (pressurised water reactor) fuels.
Despite several troubles including failures in starting an electric motor at
the refining building, the reprocessing process is functioning properly.

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