Thursday, June 29, 2006


Operation testing came to the first checkpoint

JNFL president Isami Kojima announced at a press conferrence on June 28 that the Rokkasho reprocessing plant finished the designed test items of the first step of active testing. The test items were conducted at shearing, dissolving, separation, and refining processes before June 26. Here inafter, the word "first step" means 88-days-tests from March 31 to June 26.

Following to the announcement, JNFL opened its "Interim active testing reoport -part I-" on July 7. The report, which was sent to the ministry of economy's nuclear safety agency on the same day, says most of the process results have achieved the expected performance levels, and radiation control and radioactive waste treatment were done safely and in an appropiate manner. The report will be discussed at the nuclear safety agency's advisory council on July 14 and the results will be brought to the Governor Mimura.

Some of the tests results in the report are as follows.

Liuqid radioactive wastes discharge into the sea (Bq/1st step)
H-3 1.3E13
I-129 ND*
I-131 ND*
Other Alfa-ray nuclides ND*
Other non-Alfa nuclides ND*

* ND=Not Detected

Gaseous radioactive wastes release into the atomsphere (Bq/1st step)
Kr-85 2.9E15
H-3 1.2E12
C-14 1.9E11
I-129 3.8E7
I-131 ND
Other Alfa-ray nuclides ND
Other non-Alfa nuclides ND

Radiation Dose (number of personnel/1st step)
less than 0.1 mSv 3172
0.1 mSv ~ 1.0 mSv 2
1.0 mSv ~ 5.0 mSv 0
more than 5.0 mSv 0 (total personnel in service = 3174)

Radiation Dose of women (number of personnel/1st step)
less than 0.1 mSv 40
0.1 mSv ~ 1.0 mSv 0
1.0 mSv ~ 2.0 mSv 0
more than 2.0 mSv 0 (total personnel in service = 40)

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